Date: 1/9/18 4:34 pm
From: Jeff Bleam <jcbleam...>
Subject: Harris's Sparrow: Sutcilffe, WAS
At the Hatchery this morning I had my good luck birder, Kaja, with me. It
took some time to fine the WHITE-CROWNED SPARROW flock. If you are
searching for the guy, I found the flock at the 2 water tanks and then
followed the flock down to the lower tank near the hatchery where I was
able to photo the HARRIS'S. The flock flew toward town but based on the
other reports the area below the upper 2 tanks may be a good place to
start. Also, on the way home I went through the Winnemucca Valley to
Lemmon Valley. I found the JUNIPER TITMOUSE at the archery range
(39.707938,-119.827441) about 330m from the entrance and near the shelter.
Also, 2 GOLDEN EAGLEs and a BALD EAGLE at Swan Lake. Harris's is a life


Jeff Bleam
Mt Rose Foothills, NV
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