Date: 1/9/18 3:36 pm
From: Patricia Reynolds <eagleowl4180...>
Subject: Re: [IN-BIRD-L] Americabn crow giving odd call
Hi Spike - we discussed your crow at Indiana Raptor Center, sometimes crows cough up pellets just like raptors do, depending on what they have eaten - could this be a possible explanation of the behavior you filmed?
Love your crow reports - I used to live across the street from the Eagle Creek Airport, glad to see some wildlife goings-on in that area - esp the fish crows!
Best regards -

Patti Reynolds, Pres/Exec DirIndiana Raptor Center

On Tuesday, January 9, 2018 9:57 AM, Spike Selig <spikeselig...> wrote:

Sunday, 1/9/2018, I found this American crow giving a guttural  ca ca ca call . I took videos of the crow as it made the call, the video showing the crow appear to be trying to burp or gag.l..I have heard these calls before  but never before got to see how the crow gives them.
Note remnants of whitewash on crows feathers. Each morning the crows come into the NE  38th st-465 area of Indianapolis from the SE, meaning they are coming in from the huge roosts downtown. The crows line every branch leaving rows of crows above other rows.If the crows are disturbed in the darkness, they defecate, the sound of this hitting the ground sounding like rice falling  on the ground. This also falls on lower tier crows leaving many with white markings as they leave the roost downtown and head to their customary feeding areas. The crows take huge communal baths before retiring to the roosts in the evening but during the day many will show white blotches on their feathers. This fall, I saw one  American Crow with white on the wing coverts visible  in flight,  a condition Sibleys field guide  says is rare but happens.

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