Date: 1/9/18 3:03 pm
From: Bruni Haydl <bruni...>
Subject: Gotcha
When I took my dog out  at 7:30 this morning the street was still icy so
we cut it short.  At 10:00 I saw a male Cardinal having a grand time
splashing around in the bird bath so I figured it must have really
warmed up.  Took the dog out again only to find that the driveway and
road still had slick patches.  So much for using Cardinal behavior as a
guide to road conditions. :-(

Interesting to see the activity on the birdbath change from sippers to
bathers.  By mid day it was Bluebirds, Juncos, Song Sparrows, and
Cardinals getting a much needed bath after all these cold days.

The 15 gal bucket of water for the deer had frozen solid.  I was able to
turn it over today and refill it.  Funny watching the deer approach and
try to figure out what the giant white ice cube was.

Coming back from town the other day I saw the Yellow Bellied Sapsucker
putting more holes in the old dogwood next to the driveway.  He was
oblivious to the car.  We waited about five minutes until he left.   I
thought this gave new meaning to the term "driveway moment."

Late afternoon we walked to the river to check out the ice. Well, not
quite.  One of the eagles was perched on the nest tree. As we got closer
it left and landed in a sycamore along the water.  We walked a bit
farther but then saw the second eagle sit nearby in the same tree.  Time
to turn around and walk back.  I wonder if nesting season for our area
is starting.

Had a nice sighting of a fox while walking the dog yesterday morning. 
He was carrying something, probably rodent or bird.

Bruni Haydl

Charles Town, WV
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