Date: 1/9/18 9:21 am
From: Jeffrey Short <bashman...>
Subject: Plastics in the environment- Caution- Tragic video available

When I visited Midway Island ~1980, on BASH (aviation safety) work about the Laysan Albatross “problem”, the main contamination (other than military facility debris) were those small, glass, vitamin containers favored by Japanese fishermen. Glass did not resemble any food item so the birds did not try to consume them.

I imagine the plastic will also be moving through the food chain through seals and sharks which only “take” the birds that fledge and make it to the water. The young birds are dying on the nest so I would expect that the plastics’ total impact to be greater for the population.

I wonder what effect the plastics have on the avifauna on Johnston Island, where I also spent some time, or on other seabird populations across the Pacific.

If you see plastic in the environment, pick it up and dispose properly, or recycle

Jeff Short

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