Date: 1/8/18 10:05 pm
From: Craig Tumer <craig...>
Subject: [obol] NE Portland "Yellow-shafted" Flicker - Maybe Not
Over the last week or so, a "Yellow-shafted" Flicker (YSFL) has been
reported from Casey Cunningham's feeder in Portland where the
Virginia' Warbler is being seen. Today, Steve Jagger posted a very
nice photo of a "YSFL" at that feeder. Based on Steve's photo, there
may be more than one unusual flicker coming to that feeder as Steve's
photo shows an intergrade rather than a "pure" YSFL". While the bird
in Steve's photo has distinctly yellow on the undersides of the
rectrices, the face pattern is totally wrong for YSFL and perfectly
good for a female Red-shafted Flicker. The bird in Steve's photo has a
tan forehead and malar stripe and gray throat and cheeks. A pure
female YSFL should have an entirely tan face and throat with gray
limited to the crown and nape. I grew up seeing only YSFLs. If I had
seen this bird when I was still living in Virginia, it would have
immediately jumped out as different, and I would have called it an
The description in the Hinkles' eBird report is consistent with a pure
YSFL, so maybe there are two different, non-standard-for-Oregon
Northern Flickers visiting that feeder. At any rate, it may be worth
giving flickers at that feeder a second look.
Craig TumerPortland

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