Date: 1/8/18 9:32 pm
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Subject: [SanDiegoRegionBirding] results of today's San Elijo monthly bird count 1-8-18

Thanks to 15 participants for conducting the 8 January 2018 San Elijo Lagoon monthly bird count: Lea Squires (beach/offshore); Bradley Nussbaum, Elizabeth Venrick, Emma Havstad (Pole Rd); Kathy Aldern, Marayanne Bache, Gretchen Nell, Don Johnson, Dave Carey (CBS= Rios to freeway); Patti Koger, Jeff Clingan, Julie Jones (EBS = La Orilla to Sta Inez); Steve Perry, Gail DeLalla (EBE = Stonebridge Mesa); Robert Patton (EBNW = dike; EBNE = Escondido Cr; Cardiff Cove, beach/offshore, West Basin, Nature Center).

104 species were recorded: Pacific loon, pied-billed grebe, western grebe, brown pelican, double-crested cormorant, great blue heron, great egret, snowy egret, black-crowned night-heron, green-winged teal, mallard, northern pintail, northern shoveler, gadwall, American wigeon, lesser scaup, surf scoter, bufflehead, red-breasted merganser, ruddy duck, osprey, white-tailed kite, northern harrier, sharp-shinned hawk, Cooper’s hawk, red-shouldered hawk, red-tailed hawk, American kestrel, peregrine falcon, Ridgway’s rail, Virginia rail, sora, American coot, black-bellied plover, snowy plover, semipalmated plover, killdeer, black-necked stilt, greater yellowlegs, willet, spotted sandpiper, whimbrel, long-billed curlew, ruddy turnstone, black turnstone, sanderling, western sandpiper, least sandpiper, long-billed dowitcher, dowitcher sp., Heermann’s gull, ring-billed gull, California gull, herring gull, western gull, royal tern, Forster’s tern, rock pigeon, Eurasian collared-dove, mourning dove, white-throated swift, Anna’s hummingbird, Allen’s hummingbird, Allen’s/rufous hummingbird sp., belted kingfisher, Nuttall’s woodpecker, downy woodpecker, black phoebe, Say’s phoebe, Cassin’s kingbird, tree swallow, barn swallow (3 along beach & 3 over E mesa), California scrub jay, American crow, common raven, bushtit, Bewick’s wren, house wren, marsh wren, ruby-crowned kinglet, blue-gray gnatcatcher, California gnatcatcher, western bluebird, hermit thrush, wrentit, northern mockingbird, California thrasher, cedar waxwing, European starling, Hutton’s vireo, orange-crowned warbler, yellow-rumped warbler, Townsend’s warbler, common yellowthroat, spotted towhee, California towhee, Belding’s savannah sparrow, savannah sparrow (western migrant), song sparrow, Lincoln’s sparrow, golden-crowned sparrow, white-crowned sparrow, red-winged blackbird, great-tailed grackle, house finch, lesser goldfinch, house sparrow, scaly-breasted munia.

The next San Elijo monthly bird count will be Monday 12 February.

R. Patton
San Diego, CA

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