Date: 1/8/18 6:27 pm
From: Tami Vogel <tvogel...>
Subject: Re: [mou-net] Tufted Duck (Goodhue Co.)
Here are the USFWS regs that outline the different approved ways of marking "domestic" waterfowl and the associated record-keeping.

My experience, through WRC, is many, many people dump their waterfowl after raising the birds and they don't follow the regs on marking the birds. Most people are completely unaware of the requirements because the feed stores/brokers don't tell them.

Something as unique as this probably isn't in that category, but thought I'd at least share the info and the link.

- Tami in Afton

On Jan 8, 2018 7:59 PM, Jason Frank <jmfrank84...> wrote:
As a birder who's also been raising ducks on and off since the late
90's, I can add my two cents to this saga. The Tufted Duck would be a
specialty item, likely acquired via auction. Also, anyone who owns
such a specimen would likely clip its wings. One isn't going to
purchase a Tufted Duck without recognizing its significance.

MN poultry enthusiasts generally order their chicks from these
hatcheries: Hoover (IA), Murray's, (IA), Welp (IA), Stromberg (MN).
None of these suppliers are currently offering Tufted Ducks. I, for
one, would never clip a claw from a bird to prove it's mine. I'd
imagine pretty much every hobbyist would feel the same way. If anyone
is keeping a Tufted Duck, they're keeping it as a pet. Farmers hurt
their animals. Pet-owners do not.

I'd lay 95% odds its a wild Tufted Duck.

Jason Frank
Lac qui Parle

On 1/7/18, Alyssa DeRubeis <alderubeis...> wrote:
> For those who aren’t on eBird or Facebook, John Zakelj photographed a Tufted
> Duck today (Jan 7) at Colvill Park in Goodhue Co.
> So far its origin (i.e. wild or captive) has not been determined. If it is
> from a farm—and yes, there are farms in Minnesota that have Tufted Ducks—it
> is required by the US Fish and Wildlife Service that there is some marking
> on it that identifies it as not wild. Some websites I found mentioned rear
> toe clipping as a requirement but I couldn’t find an official/government
> website with that stated specifically.
> Anyway, hopefully someone more knowledgeable on captive waterfowl than me
> can contribute. All I did was a quick Google search. And FYI—the two other
> Tufted Duck records for the state (1976 and 2000) were unaccepted, probably
> due to questionable origin. For those trying for it, take photos, especially
> if it is standing with its feet visible.
> Good birding!
> Alyssa DeRubeis
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