Date: 1/8/18 6:13 pm
From: laura ceperley <ceperleylau...>
Subject: Hawkapooloosa!
Sunday was a great day for hawks in Mason County (up Route 35 from Winfield to Pt.Pleasant, then toward Huntington on Route 2) despite the “warm” temperatures (33 degrees and sunny). 1 harrier gliding and hovering around a field, 2 coopers, 8 red-tails, 1 red-shouldered, and 6 Kestrels. Remarkably no vultures or eagles. The best birds were two rough legged’s ...especially the one who displayed it’s dark “elbows” after flashing its white upper tail.

And after years of squinting at fields in the winter, finally 40 horned larks just where they were reported in ebird. And on the farm road, right in front of the car. Way cool.

Finally, did those 5 Eastern Meadowlarks who were pecking around a rare patch of green grass skip the class about leaving town in the winter?

Laura Ceperley
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