Date: 1/8/18 5:59 pm
From: Jason Frank <jmfrank84...>
Subject: Re: [mou-net] Tufted Duck (Goodhue Co.)
As a birder who's also been raising ducks on and off since the late
90's, I can add my two cents to this saga. The Tufted Duck would be a
specialty item, likely acquired via auction. Also, anyone who owns
such a specimen would likely clip its wings. One isn't going to
purchase a Tufted Duck without recognizing its significance.

MN poultry enthusiasts generally order their chicks from these
hatcheries: Hoover (IA), Murray's, (IA), Welp (IA), Stromberg (MN).
None of these suppliers are currently offering Tufted Ducks. I, for
one, would never clip a claw from a bird to prove it's mine. I'd
imagine pretty much every hobbyist would feel the same way. If anyone
is keeping a Tufted Duck, they're keeping it as a pet. Farmers hurt
their animals. Pet-owners do not.

I'd lay 95% odds its a wild Tufted Duck.

Jason Frank
Lac qui Parle

On 1/7/18, Alyssa DeRubeis <alderubeis...> wrote:
> For those who aren’t on eBird or Facebook, John Zakelj photographed a Tufted
> Duck today (Jan 7) at Colvill Park in Goodhue Co.
> So far its origin (i.e. wild or captive) has not been determined. If it is
> from a farm—and yes, there are farms in Minnesota that have Tufted Ducks—it
> is required by the US Fish and Wildlife Service that there is some marking
> on it that identifies it as not wild. Some websites I found mentioned rear
> toe clipping as a requirement but I couldn’t find an official/government
> website with that stated specifically.
> Anyway, hopefully someone more knowledgeable on captive waterfowl than me
> can contribute. All I did was a quick Google search. And FYI—the two other
> Tufted Duck records for the state (1976 and 2000) were unaccepted, probably
> due to questionable origin. For those trying for it, take photos, especially
> if it is standing with its feet visible.
> Good birding!
> Alyssa DeRubeis
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