Date: 1/8/18 3:54 pm
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Subject: IBET ILKV CBC Report
Hi all,

Here's the Kankakee Valley CBC report from Sat Dec 30, 2017:
The 22th Kankakee Valley Christmas Bird Count(including two held in the early 1940s)  was held on Saturday Dec 30, 2017.  The weather was some of our most severe inthe history of our count.  We started theday at 1 degree above zero then climbed to 10 degrees with 35 mph winds out ofthe northwest and 5” of snow cover.  Theskies started off cloudy and remained so through-out the day with most waterfrozen other than below the Kankakee Dam and the effluent outlet at Kankakee Metro-Sewer.

Overall we counted 82 species compared to our 17yr averageof 71 establishing a new High Count record by two species (previous HC was 80in 2010 and low count of 65 in 3 yrs). We had 14 counters in the field (vs 18 ave), 4 Feeder counters (vs 7ave), walked 22.4 miles (vs 30.45 ave), and drove 371..3miles (vs 329 ave). Inall we traveled a total of 393.7 miles (vs 359.8 ave),  and were in the field 60.07 hrs (vs 62.92 ave).

Given the severe weather and lower participant numbers wewere still able to break our long time record of 80 species by 2, with the mosttelling numbers being those of the 16 species of waterfowl (tying our 2010record) and the following species of note:

species of note:

Trumpeter Swan (15):Our new High Count by 9 birds.  This isour 4th year for this species.

Tundra Swan (1):2nd year for this species previously found 2 in 2013.

PEREGRINE FALCON:  2ndyear in a row. Before last year it  was a“Count Week” species in 2005 and 2014.

 NORTHERN SHRIKE: 2ndyear for this species (Previously found in 2005)


CHIPPING SPARROW: 2ND year for this species(Previously found in 2010)


Trumpeter Swan 15  vsa 17 yr average of 2

Gadwall 8 vs 4

Common Goldeneye  189vs 80

Common Merganser 6 vs 2

Wild Turkey 25 vs 15

Bald Eagle 11 vs 3

Sandhill Crane 44 vs 3

Horned Lark 439 vs 156 (forced to roadside by snow cover)

Red-breasted Nuthatch 12 vs 5

White-crowned Sparrow 38 vs 14

Lapland Longspur  298vs 117 (forced to roadside by snow cover)

Pine Siskin 10 vs 3


 Mallard 412 vs 698average over 17yrs

Red-tailed Hawk 27 vs 40 (Grain bin poison?)

American Kestrel 6 vs 16 (Grain bin poison?)

Ring-billed Gull 1 vs 39

Rock Pigeon 83 vs 548 (Grain bin poison?)

Mourning Dove 212 vs 409 (Grain bin poison?)

Northern Flicker 9 vs 16

American Crow 63 vs 353 (West Nile Virus?)

Brown Creeper 4 vs 15

European Starling 1149 vs 4097 (Grain bin poison?)

American Tree Sparrow 190 vs 322

Brown-headed Cowbird 7 vs 255

House Finch 63 vs 192

American Goldfinch 52 vs 114

House Sparrow 292 vs 1055 (Grain bin poison?)

As usual we had a few misses that should be mentioned inhopes we will take note for future years. They included:  N. Bobwhite, Pied-billGrebe, Pileated Woodpecker, Cedar Waxwing, and Eastern Meadowlark.

Given the extreme weather conditions we were a bit surprisedto set a new record of 82 species, but if you knew the kind of talented birdersin the field you would understand why this count total was attained.  So a big “Thank You” to those hardy folks making a special effort under some challengingconditions, especially those folks who have been with us many years and those livingsome distance from Kankakee County.  We couldn’thave done it without ya.

We look forward  toseeing you next year and thank you for your continuing support of the KankakeeValley Christmas Bird Count.


Jed Hertz, Compiler

Kankakee, Kankakee Co, IL (60 mi South of Chicago) 
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