Date: 1/8/18 2:16 pm
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Subject: [cobirders] Douglas, El Paso (Red-breasted Sapsucker, Varied Thrush), Jefferson, Larimer & Pueblo Ctys
Hello cobirders,

Douglas Cty
Loch Kilpatrick relocated the Brant (Terry Michaels, 11/18) at Salisbury
Equestrian Park

El Paso Cty
Jim Davis relocated the Red-breasted Sapsucker (Tonnessen, 12/21) at 13
Mirada Road in Colorado Springs
Jim Davis relocated the Varied Thrush (Deb Carstensen, 12/31) near the
Starsmore Discovery Center parking lot
Alan Ketcham relocated a Greater Roadrunner (Kevin Ash, 1/4) along Hanover

Jefferson Cty
Paula Hansley relocated the Snowy Owl (Bars Moore, 12/23) at Standley
Lake. David Dowell relocated a Common Loon (Matt Hofeditz, 12/29)
David Suddjian relocated eight Greater Scaup at South Platte Park Reservoir
Tim Ryan relocated two Long-tailed Ducks (Behnfield, 1/3) at Coors Pond.
Sue Riffe relocated a Red-necked Grebe (Wood:Barry, 12/29)

Larimer Cty
Austin Hess relocated the red Fox Sparrow (Bendorf:Bankert, 1/5) at the CSU
Environmental Learning Center
John Reichhardt relocated the Pine Warbler at 3645 Wild Horse Court,
Nick Komar relocated one Trumpeter Swan (Wehtje:Komar, 12/9) at Rawhide
Sue Riffe found one Barrow's Goldeneye on Carter Lake

Pueblo Cty
Jim Merritt relocated a Barrow's Goldeneye along the Arkansas River Trail,
below Pueblo City Park
Loch Kilpatrick found at Pueblo Reservoir: Pacific Loon (Tonnessen, 12/29)
& three Common Loons. Heidi Eaton relocated an Iceland Gull (Kibbe,
12/16), Lesser Black-backed Gull, Great Black-backed Gull (Percival,
11/7). Norm Lewis relocated the Prairie Warbler (Leon Bright, 12/5) below
the dam

Good birding!

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