Date: 1/8/18 2:03 pm
From: Jeff Blalock via va-bird <va-bird...>
Subject: [Va-bird] Kerr Dam, Tailrace Park and North Bend Park
Greetings all

Today I decided to go to Kerr Dam and bird some around the lake hoping to find a variety of ducks since the ponds in the area was all frozen over.

I wasn’t disappointed as I found 13 species of ducks
Am Black Tailrace and Lake
Gadwall most Tailrace a few on Lake
Wood Duck Tailrace only look along shoreline
Mallard - Tailrace and Lake
Pintail - 1 Tailrace only
Greater & Lesser Scaup Lake only
RN Duck Lake only
Common, RB and Hooded Mergansers at Tailrace and Lake for RB & Hood, Tailrace only for Common
Am Wigeon Tailrace and Lake
Redhead Lake only

A few Bald Eagle lots of Horned Grebe and saw a PB Grebe at Tailrace and Lake
The Spotted Sandpiper was seen flying to the small island of rocks with a single tree growing on it at Tailrace.

A very large number of RB Gull some Bonaparte’s and two Herring Gulls one Adult and one Immature.

The best surprise to me was at Tailrace were I almost stepped on an American Woodcock that was enjoying the warmth of the morning sunshine along the edge of the road from the boat ramp to the large shed.
It was on the right side shoulder in some pine needles and I didn’t see it at all until it jumped up and flew over into the trees.

As I neared the fenced in shed either the same bird took flight again or I came up on another bird. The first bird flew over some bushes and into the woods and then I lost sight of it, so I not sure if it was the same bird or not.

I saw one large flock of Sparrows as I entered Tailrace and a few juncos here and there along with both Kinglets, YR and a single Pine Warbler.

A good show of Woodpeckers were seen or heard except for Hairy and RH Woodpecker.

Considering the weather was a bit on the low side when I started this morning at 18 Degrees F it was a very nice and pleasant day to be out.

Good Birding Always

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May God Bless and Keep You

Jeff Blalock
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