Date: 1/8/18 1:31 pm
From: Stephen Johnson via va-bird <va-bird...>
Subject: [Va-bird] Burned field Bonanza (Fairfax County)

Hello birders,

I mentioned last week about the recently burned field parcel at Sully Woodlands. I returned today, during the last hour before the sleet started falling.

In the burn area, very conservative estimates, there were 800+ birds feeding. The parcel is an area of roughly 150 by 300 meters. It was burned 5 days ago, on Jan. 3rd. Here is a rough census, just of the birds in this one parcel today.

500+ Starlings
200+ Robins
80+ Red-winged Blackbirds
dozen+ each of: White-throated and Song Sparrows, Juncos, and Cardinals
6+ Bluebirds
2-3 each Flicker, Jay, Mockingbird, Field and Fox Sparrows, and Goldfinch

I scanned for less-common visitors like other Icterids, Sparrows, etc., and did not find any. But it was really neat to see so many actively feeding birds, on such a chilly (22 deg F) day. Apparently it was a very well-timed barbeque, for the birds. As a bonus, the adjacent unburned field had a hunting Northern Harrier.

Steve Johnson
Fairfax, Virginia

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