Date: 1/7/18 8:53 pm
From: PETER LOW <plbirder...>
Subject: [COBOL] Skyliner And Hatfield Lake Birds

Hi all, hiked around the Skyliner area including 4.30 road this morning, very quite, found Ten species. No Snow, icy patches on Trails, Spruce Cone crop looks poor compared to previous years.

Black-backed Woodpecker 2
Hairy Woodpecker 2
Gray Jay 3
Stella's Jay
Clarke's Nutcracker 2
Brown Creeper
Red-breasted Nuthatch
Mountain Chickadee
Golden-crowned Kinglet
Pacific Wren 1

Hatfield Lake

Northern Shrike 2, juvenile at 1st Pond, adult at 2nd Pond.
Cackling Goose 3 birds came in silently late afternoon.
Canada Goose 30+
Common Goldeneye 3
Redhead 8, female with White speckling on head still present.
Lesser Scaup 8-10
American Wigeon 6
Killdeer 2
Townsend's Solitaire 5
American Robin 10
Song Sparrow

Peter Low
Bend Oregon.

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