Date: 1/7/18 5:53 pm
From: Tom Lawler <tjlawler...>
Subject: [COBOL] January Klamath Marsh Raptor Survey
The January Klamath Marsh Raptor Survey was done today, January 7. Tom
Penpraze, Diane Burgess and Milt Vine helped out. A beautiful day in the
Marsh with temps into the 40's. We saw a Sora at the Military Rd crossing of
the Williamson River. A Great Horned Owl was sitting in a Willow in the
Marsh. An interesting place to find one since there is quite a forest in the
immediate area. A Great Gray once again illuded us. Two more tries for this
bird this counting season.

Best bird of the day was not even countable. A Red-shouldered Hawk was
sitting on a wire immediately past the county buildings south of La Pine. We
all got decent looks. It has been a while since I have seen a RSHA.

46 birds total this month. 46 more than last year in January since the
weather prevented us from doing the route!


Red-tailed 12

Roughy 7

Unident Buteo 6

Bald Eagle 6

Harrier 12

Kestrel 2

Great Horned 1

If anyone is interested in this route this will be the last year I will be
doing it. Some very beautiful country around Klamath Marsh and you never
know if a Great Gray will decide to bless you with its presence!



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