Date: 1/7/18 4:06 pm
From: Dennis Serdehely <birders...>
Subject: Long-taild Duck at Rye Patch
Today Becca and I refound the Long-tailed Duck at Rye Patch Reservoir in Pershing County. We were at the Ramada Picnic Area at the west end of the dam when Becca saw it fly in and land on the opposite shore. We got it in the scope but were only able to observe it intermittantly as it stuck very close to shore and would dive frequently and get lost in the little coves and vegetation near shore. This lake is very long and narrow and you can only see a small portion of it from the dam so it is not surprising that people have missed it. There were about 10 Cedar Waxwings in the picnic area on the east side and in the campground but no Boehemians were seen. 
Dennis Serdehely
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