Date: 1/7/18 3:19 pm
From: Brandon Green <brandon.green18...>

I'm very sorry to hear about that, but am glad to hear that you weren't
physically hurt.

I regularly ride my bike through Alton Baker Park and I've been assaulted
twice in that area over the past few years years. About three years ago, a
scraggly-looking girl who appeared to be high out of her mind almost ran
into me as I biked by her on the path. She then proceeded to chase and
scream at me for the next few hundred feet. And this past September, I was
spat on by an angry, disturbed-looking gentleman while riding my bike up
the path going from MLK to Coburg Rd. Nothing nearly as frightening as what
you experienced, but still disturbing.

In general, I'd recommend being extra-careful if you bird near downtown
Eugene. The level of dysfunction has increased in recent years.



- *From*: Sally Hill <1sallyhill.9@xxxxxxxxx>
- *To*: obol@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
- *Date*: Sun, 7 Jan 2018 12:20:59 -0800

I was the victim of an attempted car jacking at knife point this morning at
Alton Baker Park.

I am fine (physically).

As I was putting on my rain pants this young punk with a skateboard,
sleeping bag and bags came around the back of my car and pulled a black
switch blade on me and told me to give me the keys to my car,
to which I replied, "NO"!
I then ran around to the passenger side of the car and grabbed my pack with
my cell phone, I was going to lock the car from that side but he got in the
car with me from the drivers side, so I ran out the passenger side and
called the police.

He continued to rifle through my car until the police arrived.

The police were great, about 8 cars responded within 3 minutes and had the
guy in custody soon after.

This took place a the east end of Alton Baker Park in the gravel parking
lot next to the canal.

I almost never bird Alton Baker Park . Be alert out there and take
appropriate safety measures.

I wish I new karate. A way to ruin a perfectly good birding day!

Sally Hill
Eugene Oregon

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