Date: 1/7/18 2:21 pm
From: Stephen Shunk <steve...>
Subject: [COBOL] West Bend Redpoll, Goldfinches
Early this afternoon, Nicole Weprin, Christine Elder, and I easily observed
the Common Redpoll at Patty Mehan's feeding station on Bend's west side.The
bird pops up and down between the feeders and small deciduous trees.

One of the highlights of this scene is the study of Lesser Goldfinch
plumage and molt patterns, with males and females, adults and immatures,
and enough individuals to make it interesting. The first time we visited, a
single American Goldfinch was present, but it's mostly about the Lessers.

Steve Shunk

Sent via Galaxy S7, from lovely Bend, Oregon, or elsewhere on Earth!

Stephen Shunk

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