Date: 1/7/18 2:01 pm
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Subject: [SBB] Seeking info on local Purple Martins


Next month, we’ll be installing nesting structures forPurple Martins in San Mateo County. It’sthe start of what we hope will develop into active colonies of Purple Martinsin both San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties and ultimately around the Bay Area. Once the structures are up, I will bepublicizing their location to the lists.

In the meantime, I am hunting for information from long-timearea birders who might recall the way things used to be for Purple Martins ineither county or around the SF Bay Area. Do you remember seeing them here in the 70’s in greater numbers? Do you remember seeing nesting sites backthen?

According to the Santa Clara County Habitat Management Planresearch, Starlings moved into the Bay Area in earnest in the 1980’s. Does that fit with what you remember? Any information you may have that could helpus accurately portray the current situation, the history in this area and anyattempts we may not be aware of to assist them would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t really want to start a thread on SBB or Pen-bird forthis. Please just email me privatelywith any responses.


Mike Azevedo

And yes, I will keepyou posted on the status of the nesting structure project.

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