Date: 1/7/18 1:53 pm
From: Pete Janzen <pete.janzen...>
Subject: Cheney birding Jan 7
I spent the morning at Cheney Reservoir.  I found a few birds worthy of
mention.  The SNOWY OWL continues at the East Shore area marina/boat
ramp area.  I got some decent digiscope shots of this bird.  I must say
I was quite distressed to return after about 2 hours on the west shore
to fine that the owl had flushed across the cove, and was being stalked
by a photographer.   I am willing to bet that this person had flushed it
across the cove.  He was pressed up against the block wall, with the owl
perched on the end of the wall.  He would take a series of pictures,
check his screen, then slowly edge closer to the owl, repeat, repeat,
repeat.  By the time I quit watching in disgust he had the end of his
24" lens about 6 feet away from the owl.  This owl is probably starving
and near death.  It doesn't need this kind of harassment.  If the guy
managed to get any closer he probably clubbed it over the head in order
to get the ultimate close up. Whoever you are Mr. Gold Dodge Ram Pickup
guy, If you are reading this please note that you sir are an (insert
anatomical term here).  You suck.  Just how good of a shot do you need
with your Big Button Camera?  Wasn't 20 feet away good enough with that
field artillery piece you are carrying around?

Other birds of note:

1st year Glaucous Gull-almost got a distant digiscope but it flew
completely out of range and I could not relocate it.  Spotted in Reno
Co, flew into Sedgwick Co. waters near the dam.

Bald Eagle-well over 50 seen on the day, most on the melting ice (Reno,
Kingman, Sedgwick)

Rough-legged Hawk-1 dark phase out in the grasslands a few miles due
east of DeWeese Park (Reno)

White Pelican-9 still hanging tough (Reno, Kingman Sedgwick)

Common Mergansers and Mallards-both in the thousands (Reno, Kingman,

Chipping Sparrow-1 feeding on the lawn at the west shore area (Kingman Co.)

Pileated Woodpecker-minimum of 3 and possibly 5 at DeWeese Park (Reno). 
One was at eye level in a tree right next to the old boat ramp area,
yammering away like crazy.  Photos

On the way home I stopped briefly at the Mt. Hope Marsh and found a male
Common Yellowthroat.  I believe that this represents the only winter
record for Sedgwick County.  There isn't any water to speak of at this
wetland but apparently the little guy is finding a way to make a living.

Pete Janzen Wichita, KS <pete.janzen...>

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