Date: 1/7/18 11:14 am
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Subject: IBET Re: RBA - Slaty-backed Gull on Calumet River
After waiting more than two hours in the area, the Slaty-backed Gull flew around the 122nd St/Stony Island Ave landfill this morning in Chicago about 10:20am before disappearing to the west toward Lake Calumet. I understand it is now resting on the ice in the Calumet River visible from the end of Stony Island Ave near Deadstick Pond.

Other interesting raptors and gulls that Fran, Jake, and I saw at the landfill:
An immature/female type Northern Harrier An adult Cooper's Hawk An adult Red-tailed Hawk (borealis) An unidentified falcon (more than likely Peregrine); one adult Peregrine Falcon on the Ford Bridge An adult female Rough-legged Hawk Adult Slaty-backed Gull Herring Gulls of all ages An adult and a 1st cycle Glaucous Gull On the river:
The same Glaucous Gulls commuting back/forth An adult Great Black-backed Gull Iceland Gull (seen by others) Finally, an American Kestrel at 126th St./Hyde Lake Marsh that flew and we think landed under the awning of one of the loading dock doors!

Raptors we missed were Red-shouldered Hawk and Bald Eagle.

Matthew Cvetas
Evanston, IL

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