Date: 1/7/18 5:52 am
From: Mark Land <markeland...>
Subject: Searching for snowy! None found but, great times.
Eileen and I traveled Franklin, Coffey, and Osage counties yesterday looking for the Snowy Owls seen in resent days. We struck out but saw some amazing displays of raptors. We almost hit several Red-tails and harriers intent on catching something by the side of the road. Nothing like watching a hawk come within a few feet of your car as you rapidly slow to avoid hitting it. Likewise nothing like watching them successfully feeding on mice and voles.
There were massive amounts of waterfowl at John Redmond (missed a Canvasback that is in the Bald Eagle photo) and Melvern. Ebird flagged the amounts of pelicans and cormorants at Redmond. If you would like to watch Hooded Mergansers display go below the dam there. It was amazing. When one male would start all the others would join in.
Best birds of the day. A dirty looking second cycle Iceland "Thayer's" Gull that flew right over my head at Redmond. A Rough-legged Hawk at the Melvern Outlet Park that sat on a sign and allowed me walk around taking photos and showing off it's feathered legs that give it the name. I wondered why as Red-tails would have been gone the second I stopped the car let alone got out. That is until it jumped from the sign, flew past me, and caught a mouse along the dam behind us. And last but not least the Ring-billed Gull that gave me the great photo op at Melvern showing why I love gulls so much.

Mark Land
Overland Park, Ks

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