Date: 1/6/18 6:13 pm
From: James Pike <jimpike444...> [CALBIRDS] <CALBIRDS-noreply...>
Subject: [CALBIRDS] Tropical Parula in Huntington Beach
I found a male Tropical Parula in an apartment complex in Huntington Beach
yesterday. Viewing is immensely tricky, as it requires accessing one
private community just to get within the (current) vicinity of the bird's
location, which is unfortunately on the opposite side of the high wall of
the adjacent zero-access private community. Finding the bird required
pishing, and the handful of birders that have seen it since have relied on
limited song-playback to lure the bird into relatively brief view. Neither
method will work for long, nor is their any reason to believe that property
management will continue to allow access to their grounds. For that reason,
I'm not going to provide the address for this private apartment complex.
Continued viewing of this bird will require intercession with the
management upon whose property this bird is actually wintering, and that is
in the works. Perhaps a one-time visit can be arranged for next weekend,
although optimism for success might not be warranted. In any event, we'll
do what we can in hopes of securing future access to this bird, and will
report our success or failure in that regard to the birding community.

My pics from Friday:

Jim Pike

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