Date: 1/6/18 5:46 pm
From: Tye Jeske <dmarc-noreply...> (Redacted sender tjeske233 for DMARC)
Subject: [obol] Lane Coast to Ona beach birds
Today Alan Contreras, Joshua Galpern and I birded the lane coast to Ona beach for a full watch but with good weather conditions there weren't too many gull wads.
Good numbers of Western, as well as Herring and California.

Our first stop was at South Jetty Florence Pay station to look for white-winged crossbill, which we found pretty much immediately, there were about 8 birds, which we got great scope looks at. We also at 5 gray jays in the vicinity of the crossbills which is quite unusually for this area

Our next big stop was a Tokatee Klootchman which held a nice scoter flock with a couple Blacks.

Next was Stonefield Beach which had a lot of House finches and 6 surfbirds on the rocks.

Bob creek wayside help 11 black turnstones 5 more surfbirds and 5 oystercatchers.

We also poked around Yatchats but there was really nothing special to note.

We then chased after the report of the black-and-white warbler at beaver creek road at Ona beach, but were unforntualy 5 minutes too late as the flock that it was in moved into the trees and eventually took of elsewhere, we did here a strange chip note from the flock, which was probably it, but can't be too certain. We had a couple virigina rails as well there.

We next went to Ekman lake to chase the Ruff but didn't see it. We had great waterfowl numbers though lots of Wigeon (though no Eurasian) Rig necks and Lesser scaup, and bufflehead. We also had an amazing flock of 29 Townsend's warblers (quiet possibly the biggest I have ever seen). As well as a Hutton's vireo mixed in.

We ended with Port of siuslaw in Florence which only had a spotted sandpiper to note.

That ends it overall a good day with lots of species.

Alan or Josh can add any important details I forgot.

Good Birding!
Tye J.

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