Date: 1/6/18 4:46 pm
From: Gordon Karre <karhop1...>
Subject: [AZNMbirds] CEAZ: Seven Springs near Phoenix
This morning, Barb Meding, Jeanne Burns, and I, headed to the Seven Springs area north of Carefree in Maricopa County and we had a really good day of birding. First stop was on the road to Humbolt peak to search for GRASSHOPPER SPARROWS. Had a minimum of 4, (might have been more) and they gave us excellent views. Also had 7 other species of Sparrows, BLACK-CHINNED, BLACK-THROATED, BREWER'S, VESPER, SAVANNAH, RUFOUS-CROWNED, and a lot of WHITE-CROWNEDs. Plenty of WESTERN BLUEBIRDS, but unfortunately, no Eastern Bluebird.

We then traveled to the Seven Springs Campground, where we had 6 CASSIN'S FINCHES feeding on Juniper berries along with large numbers of AMERICAN ROBINS, JUNIPER TITMOUSE, and CEDAR WAXWINGS. The biggest surprise at this location was a NORTHERN PYGMY-OWL giving its single toot call. Also found 2 MOUNTAIN CHICKADEES at Ashdale.

On the return, we stopped at Upper Camp Creek near the cabins and found a nice stream of water flowing. Our targets in this location was GOLDEN-CROWNED KINGLET and LOUISIANA WATERTHRUSH which were both recently reported there on a recent CBC. The GOLDEN-CROWNED KINGLET was the first to be seen and while searching for the Waterthrush, I spied a PACIFIC WREN down near the stream. Shortly after that, we also got good views of the LOUISIANA WATERTHRUSH.

Want to thank Barb and Jeanne for a great day of birding with some wonderful birds.

Great birding to all!
Gordon Karre
Mesa, AZ

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