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Subject: Fwd: Woodcock in Oriental

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Subject: Woodcock in Oriental
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Hi Kent - I am writing to you about this since I do not know or have access to other communication methods to Carolina birders.  I figure you can get the info to those who would like to know.

Several folks in Oriental have been surprised by Woodcock in their yards over the last couple of days.   Sarah and I toured the town today looking for birds.  We found them!!!!  I will be posting a few photos to the CBC website tonight.

But - it is amazing what is going on.   In an hour of driving around town we found at least 30 and we weren’t after numbers - just photos……….so the 30 were in maybe 5 locations - 10 under one magnolia tree.  After this “exploration” we drove about a mile out of town across the bridge and drove down  a country road to the Neuse and observed - close up - another 10 or so in the ditches and yards along this road.

On the way back into town we were now looking along the road in the ditches and saw another 6 or so.  I doubt if we canvassed more than 5% of the town area!

My guess is that there are many hundred’s if not 1000’s in the area - and they are all foraging actively during daylight hours.  And in our short viewing time there efforts seem to be rewarded as we noticed several with earthworms hanging from the beaks.

Hope all is well with you and that this info is of some interest to other CBC members.

Greg Perry

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