Date: 1/6/18 12:44 pm
From: Sandy Berger <sndbrgr...>
Subject: Golden Eagle
I am at Holla Bend. A few moments ago I had an adult Golden Eagle fly
over. We made eye contact it was that low. There were three juvenile Bald
Eagles and an adult in the same field the golden flew from.
Right now I'm watching a bazillion blackbirds and a few hundred ducks that
are being watched by at least 17 Red-tailed Hawks. There are hawks
everywhere, looking for an easy meal. Ooops. Adult Bald Eagle just stirred
everything up.
Three Northern Harriers have flown across the road in front me as I sit
here. The afternoon has been very raptory.
Blackbirds are still pouring in. Don't they know? Someone's gonna get
I hear pipits.

Sandy B.

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