Date: 1/6/18 6:33 am
From: Cathy DiSalvo <cedisalvo1...>
Subject: [LABIRD-L] fork-tailed flycatcher
Between Tommy Harold and Phil and , we searched for the fork-tailed for
over 3 hours yesterday morning. No signs of fork-tailed , scissor-tailed
or kingbirds in the ususal field or river batture on Hwy 39 in
Braithwaite. There was active work going on behind the fields with
tractors moving mud. Perhaps this motivated birds to move elsewhere.
We did refind the western kingbird that Tommy Harold located and put us on,
along with a second kingbird, on hwy 39 going back toward Canaveron Canal,
about a mile past where the road leaves the river. They were perched on a
page fence with a barbed wire top, adjacent to a large, short grassy
elevated field.

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