Date: 1/5/18 5:09 pm
From: sue bertsch <lindasuebertsch...>
Subject: [COBOL] January 2018 Birders' Night
Join us Thursday January 18, 2018 at the Environmental Center, 16 NW Kansas
Ave., Bend at 6:30 pm for:

*The Golden Eagle Camera on Whychus Creek, by Jim Hammond*

ECAS members can be justifiably proud of sponsoring and bearing most of the
cost of operating the only nest camera in the world providing on-line live
viewing of nesting, raising and fledging of Golden Eagles in the
wild. Many individuals and groups have had and continue to have a hand in
maintaining and improving the operation of this educational resource. Jim
Hammond has been responsible for the telescopes and lenses used since ECAS
became involved in the project in 2015. Jim will review the history of the
nest and the observation facility since the first on-line camera started
operating about 8 years ago. The nest is on a cliff beside Whychus Creek
near Sisters and the camera is on private property on the opposite side of
the creek. The camera and its operation do not interact in any way with
the eagles, a pair named Rocky and Petra, that have been using the same
nest location for at least 10 years and have successfully raised one or two
eaglets each of those years. Jim will briefly discuss the technical aspects
of the camera, the lenses used and the internet connection used to stream
the image. With many hours of video available showing interesting behavior
of the parents and the eaglets, Jim will show selected images and videos of
the most interesting of these behaviors.

Jim and Carolyn have been backyard and casual outdoor birders for
essentially all their married life. Locations for this activity have
ranged from Colorado to New England and California and all the many
national parks and states (50) they have visited on vacations and RV
travels. Jim is the Vice-chair of the Sisters Astronomy Club and through
this activity he was drawn into the eagle camera project by the owner of
the property on which the camera is located, who was also a member of the
astronomy club. As a camera bug since he was in college, a physicist
specializing in optics and an amateur astronomer and astrophotographer, his
interests and experience fortuitously coalesce in the Golden Eagle Cam

*The evening begins with a social half hour, followed by general
announcements, and then the presentation. Delicious snacks will be provided
by Nancy Merrick along with smooth beverages donated by Strictly Organic
Coffee. Come prepared with all your questions for Jim. *

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