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Subject: Re: [SBB] Vermillion Flycatcher, 01/04/18
Gorgeous photos. Congratulations.

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I finally got an opportunity to drive to Coyote Valley to try to view and photograph the visiting VERMILLION FLYCATCHER. About 10 minutes after we arrived, my wife, scanning with her binoculars, spotted the bird on a distant fence post on the Santa Teresa/Hale Ave. side of Dougherty; it gradually worked it's way over closer to the large yellow container where we were standing. It seemed relatively unconcerned with our presence as long it maintained a certain distance from us but never came too close. We spent an hour in the area and after its first appearance, it never disappeared for more than a couple of minutes.

After we left Palm and Dougherty, we drove down Laguna Ave and spotted a lone PRARIE FALCON sitting on a dirt clod in the middle of a plowed field, too far away for a decent photograph.

Photos of the Vermillion Flycatcher are at the very end of my photostream at

Ron Fredrick

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