Date: 1/5/18 3:07 pm
From: JFR <johnfredman...>
This afternoon, I had an opportunity to observe and photograph the behavior of two territorial Am. Kestrels in Pine Bluff. The first was near the intersection of Hwy 65 and Grider Field Rd. I was photographing a male Am. Kestrel that was perched on a road sign on a blind-ending access road. Suddenly the Kestrel tipped forward and in my frame I saw another male Kestrel closeing rapidly from behind the perched bird. I continued to shoot and recorded a brief battle, which resulted in the perched Kestrel preserving his right to perch. The flashing colors of the wings and tails were stunning. 30 min. later I had turned down a short dirt farm road 600 yds. north of the Osborn Rd and Hwy 63 intersection, when I observed a beautiful dark morph Harlan's Hawk circling against a very blue sky. As I began to photograph the bird, it was attacked by a female Am.Kestrel. The Kestrel broke off the attack, as soon as the hawk moved it's circling to an area 50 yds. south. It's a great day, when one has the opportunity to photograph a Harlan's, but even a better one to be able to record an encounter with a Kestrel. After I process the photos, I will be glad to share some of them, if anyone has an interest.
John Redman
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