Date: 1/5/18 1:28 pm
From: Chuck Mills <ccmills...>
Subject: [IN-BIRD-L] Indiana Birder's Lists
I am the editor for the Indiana Birder's List article that appears annually
in the Indiana Audubon Quarterly. I would hope that you would submit your
2017 lists to me. The deadline for doing this is February 1. Lists that may
be sent are World, North America, ABA without Hawaii, ABA with Hawaii,
Indiana, Indiana county lists and your property list. You may submit both
life and year lists. The lists should be what you saw up to and including
December 31, 2017. There is no charge for doing this. You may find a form on
the IAS webpage under birds to send your lists electronically. You may use
the form included with this email and send it to me either by email or snail
mail. I will only need the numbers seen and not the actual lists of species.
You may also include property lists. If you include property lists please
give a brief description of your property: urban yard, suburban yard, or
country yard. Also give an approximate size estimate. An urban or suburban
yard might be measured in feet such as 50 by 70 feet and a country yard in
acres such as 25 acres. If you did this description last year you do not
need to repeat this information unless it has changed. Except for property
lists there will be a threshold of 50 species.

You may include interesting information about your birding activities such
as places you birded and milestone birds that you saw.

The ABA Continental list the one without Hawaii only includes Canada and the
United States. The ABA list now includes Hawaii. Both lists may be
submitted. The North America list covers everything north of the
Columbian-Panamanian border. It also includes the West Indies, Mexico and
Central America but not Hawaii.

While membership in the IAS is suggested for people who are involved in the
list report, it is not a requirement. People who are not members will still
have their lists included.

The list article will be published in the May Quarterly issue.

Chuck Mills

<mailto:<ccmills...> <ccmills...>

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Newburgh, IN 47630

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