Date: 1/5/18 9:17 am
From: Bruni Haydl <bruni...>
Subject: Downy with damaged bill
A closer look at the female Downy eating my peanut suet on the tray
revealed that she had a damaged bill.  It almost looked like it was
shattered and some had broken off.  She seemed to be using her tongue
more than usual, perhaps to make up for the missing bill.   Seems to be
managing quite well.  She was back again this morning. The little video
is not the best but it gives you an idea of what she looks like.

The bird baths, or drinking fountains, are in high demand in this
weather.  Interesting to see the various combinations of birds drinking
at the same time, like the female Pileated and Bluebirds.

Bruni Haydl

Charles Town, WV.
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