Date: 1/5/18 8:12 am
From: Tom <annntom...>
Subject: [IN-BIRD-L] Lamb Lake
I usually report once we get ice on the lake as local waterfowl
accumulate here.  Yesterday the hole in the ice was about two football
fields. It was smaller on the 2nd.  The Mallards are constantly in 
motion I believe to help keep the ice open.  There were approximately
1000 Canada Geese mostly resting on the ice at the edge.  It was too
difficult to count due to trees and distance from the birds.  There were
several hundred Mallards.  In addition we saw three Pintails and two
Black Ducks in  that mix.  On the way back home in a corn field that is
near the lake there were a hundred or so Canada Geese.  Among those
birds was a lone juvenile Snow Goose.  When we arrived home a juvenile
Bald Eagle flew over and flushed the 300-400 Canada Geese that were
resting and feeding in the snowless area at the boat ramp.  Not much
diversity but good numbers and the fifth Snow Goose and fourth Pintail
observation since I moved back and started keeping lists in 2001.

Tom Hougham

on Lamb Lake in SW Johnson Co

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