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Hi John and LABird,
I think that would be me. I wouldn't exactly call it a big year, but I was trying to do mostly local birding and self-propelled as much as possible. That amounted to LSU lakes, Pennington, Capitol Lakes, and along the levee, mostly. I ended up with 160-something species, but I'd say 180-something is easily possible from my house with more work on Ben Hur Road and Richfield Riversilt. 200 in a year would be a crazy self-propelled goal from my house. I ran out of steam by November, so there's plenty on the table. Of course Dan Lane had that many species by flight calls from his yard 1 mile away. Your 119 big day is pretty great- congratulations!
It stinks that LA is so bike unfriendly. It would be fantastic to be able to take a ride out to Frenchtown for Swainson's Warbler, but that's a death wish. Even so, a little more interest in green birding would be cool. I guess a start would be for folks to mention it in the comments of their eBird lists, as I do.
Good birding and yea bike!,
Phil Stouffer

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I was reading a few E-bird Bio's and I saw where a birder in Baton Rouge was doing a Self-Propelled big year by bicycle and on foot from his home. I am curious how that turned out.
I have a friend in Madison Wis who only birds by bicycle now. He and I did an unplanned big day by bicycle in mid-May in Madison Wis about 20 years ago. Independently we had both gone birding on our bikes and ran into each other in the UW Arboritum around 6:30 AM and birded the day. One good spot was the sewage treatment ponds about a 10 mile bike ride the from the Arb. We ended up with 119 species for the day.
Beginning about 5 years ago, the Wisconsion Society of Ornithology started publishing year totals for Green Birding in addition to the regular year totals over a certain treshhold.

John Romano
Breaux Bridge/Opelousas
Formerly Madison Wis
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