Date: 1/4/18 8:26 pm
From: Lee Cain <lcain...>
Subject: [obol] Another large falcon
This time I won't stake my life on anything in particular, but I think it
worthwhile for Youngs Bay birders to continue to watch for Gyrs.

Tonight at dusk I was cycling across the old Youngs Bay Bridge, under about
300 Cackling Geese in flight. A large, chunky and broad-winged falcon with
stiff wing beats repeatedly stooped from a short distance above the flock,
attempting attacks on individual geese. I was without binoculars and the
bird was a black silhouette. After 3 attacks where each time the goose did
that neat little roll that geese do, it gave up and turned its attention to
one of a pair of in-flight mallards, also unsuccessfully. Eventually it
flew off to the west. I keep imagining it on a roost, more and more
ravenous till morning.

Lee Cain

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