Date: 1/4/18 5:29 pm
From: Fred Petersen <0000000abacb4558-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Purple Finch continues, Rancho San Rafael (1/4/18)
Rancho San Rafael, Reno, Washoe County (1/4/18)

Just saw one Purple Finch this afternoon
(2:30), a female-type as always, feeding
with robins and waxwings in the
isolated crabapple described in my previous
post (north edge Botanical Gardens
overlooking Evans Creek). Yesterday, I saw
a probable Purple Finch north of Evans Creek
in a crabapple on the lawn between the creek
and the footpath, roughly opposite today's
sighting ("probable" because I only saw it in
silhouette and thus had only the shape to
go by).

Apart from a handful of Canadas, the lawns
were devoid of geese (lots of human
activity on the lawns in preparation
for some kind of "event" which
may be keeping the geese away).

--Fred Petersen, Reno

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