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Add to that a Cassin’s Vireo we found yesterday on Elk Slough near the Bogel Winery. Count week for Rio Cosumnes Count.

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Fantastic-- and now the 9th species of warbler in Yolo County this winter.

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Happy New Year Birders!

On an early year trip up Putah Creek canyon we dipped on Dipper and Pileated, but Keith Bailey and I did manage to turn up a Northern Waterthrush poking around downstream of the 128 bridge and the small island on the Yolo side below the RVs. The linked eBird checklist has a photo (more to come - thanks to Nick Dorian’s quick camera work!) and a Google Maps screenshot of pin marking the exact location of the find. We lost the bird moving downstream, but had to get back to Davis so couldn’t spend much extra time trying to refind it.<>

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