Date: 1/4/18 2:43 pm
From: Tim Johnson <tim.the.fisherman...>
Subject: [obol] Salem Christmas Bird Count Results
Hi all:

The 2017-18 Salem Christmas Bird Count took place on Saturday, December 16.
This was our 55th Count Year. With the other CBCs that we participated in
this year, it took us a while to compile these results. So finally, here
they are.

The Salem CBC total species count was *104*, same as last year, this
despite better weather and many more boots in the field. This year, we had
a record number of 76 field participants, compared to 59 last year. The
previous high number of field participants was 69 in 2015, a year we found
111 species, despite Minto-Brown Island Park being closed due to high water
and flooding. Minto-Brown is a major hot spot in our circle.

Given the significant increase in effort this year, it's surprising the
total species count wasn't higher. It's even more surprising that we saw
fewer total numbers of birds this year, 22,604 compared to 31,486 last year
when we had freezing temperatures, icy roads and snow. However, this year
we did have one new species for the count, and eight species with record
high numbers.

The new count species was the WILD TURKEY. A gang of WILD TURKEY has been
rooming the streets of Salem for the past couple of years. Last year we saw
WILD TURKEY during Count Week but not on Count Day. This year we found them
on Count Day, in three different locations! So it seems that the population
of WILD TURKEY in the Salem area is growing and disbursing.

Following last year when we had high counts for 10 bird species, this year
we had record high counts for 8 bird species:

- CACKLING GOOSE: 29,742 (previous high was 26,325 in 2015-16). With the
relatively recent split of the Canada Goose, it's not all that surprising
that we would see record highs of the new Cackling Goose.

- GREAT EGRET: 12 (previous high was 9 in 2004-05).

- RED-TAILED HAWK: 146 (previous high was 145 in 1987-88).

- WILSON'S SNIPE: 100 (previous high was 44 in 2005-06).

- ANNA'S HUMMINGBIRD: 160 (previous high was 115 in 2016-17).

- DOWNY WOODPECKER: 89 (previous high was 70 in 2016-17).

- HAIRY WOODPECKER: 15 (previous high was 11 in 2004-05).

- PACIFIC WREN: 28 (previous high was 25 in 2016-17).

- ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER: 3 (previous high was 2 in 2011-12).

You will notice that the previous highs counts for some of these species
was very recent, as recent as last year, indicating a possible upward trend.

Tim Johnson and Barbara Dolan
Salem CBC co-compilers

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