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Subject: [obol] Re: Welcoming Message of ABA
I agree about Iiwi vocals. This is a note I sent a friend regarding my experience with them in January, 2011...

‘I’iwi (E): You will have to take my word on this one, since the bird flew and the photo doesn’t show its Jimmy Durante-snozzola beak, the unmistakable fieldmark for the bird. Saw quite a few in Haleakala NP, heard them on both islands (Maui and Hawaii). It had great vocals, is a sometime mimic, what a fantastic bird!


Lori Markoff

Eugene (South Hills)

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> I saw several Iiwis on one visit to Hawaii, in 1976. They are awesome!

Agree, lucky enough to have seen 3 times including several flying

around and interacting in the open at eye level along the small canyon

adjacent to Hosmer Grove on Maui in 2010. Possibly my favorite bird.

In fact I have a Wild Republic Audubon plush Iiwi with sound sitting

above my work area at home that I listen to frequently. Highly

recommend it.


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