Date: 1/4/18 5:26 am
From: Mark Lockwood <mwlockwood402...>
Subject: [texbirds] Red Crossbills in Marfa
I tried to send a message on about these birds on Friday, but a glitch on
Outlook made that impossible.
There is a flock of Red Crossbills in the Marfa Cemetery that frequent the
arborvitae trees that along US 90 on the south side of the cemetery between
the two entrance gates. They seem to be easiest to find before 10:00 AM.
There were 21 on Friday, eight on Saturday, and 12 today. I am confident
that they are Type 3 birds, but I have not sent the recording that I have
made to Matt Young for confirmation.

These are the first Type 3 birds I have encountered in Texas (that I know
of). I have placed four images of these birds on my Flickr page for those
interested. Despite the reported differences in bill morphology between
types, am not sure they can be separated from a Type 2 bird visually.
There are two images of Type 2 birds taken in Dell City lower on my Flickr
page as well.

The Marfa bird images start with:


Mark Lockwood

Alpine, Texas

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