Date: 1/3/18 8:57 am
From: Frank Hamilton <fhamil06...>
Subject: Helping birds through winter storm
There has been a constant influx of birds to my feeders today as freezing rain began to fall.  I took preparatory steps starting Tuesday to help birds through this winter storm.  I filled three suet logs and added a fourth to ensure a good supply of high-energy food for woodpeckers, wrens, mockingbirds and yellow-rumped warblers.  More Bark Butter Balls, very popular with woodpeckers. cardinals and bluebirds, were put out. I added more white millet to my elevated tray feeder and added a caged feeder to give the chipping sparrows a place to feed  when larger birds take over the tray.  I also spread additional millet on a concrete walkway for ground feeding.  My two feeders containing shelled sunflower seeds were topped off and a
a third one added to accommodate ravenous goldfinches and house finches.  That night I added extra grape jelly to my three feeders for Baltimore Orioles and the occasional mockingbird. 
Wednesday morning there were so many sparrows trying to feed that I added a third millet feeder and placed a jug of millet on my back porch so I can scatter more for ground feeding.  Cardinals, mourning doves and brown-headed cowbirds also benefit from the extra millet.  It felt good knowing these extra efforts will help my local birds and winter visitors cope with the cold and wintry weather that will be with us for several days.

Frank HamiltonCharleston, SC

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