Date: 1/2/18 8:22 pm
From: Paul Adamus <adamus7...>
Subject: [obol] Results of Airlie-Albany CBC on 12/31
Enjoying cool, calm, and clear weather on Sunday, 36 birders covering 16
sectors participated in the Airlie-Albany CBC and together found 126
species, a new record for this count. The species count has surpassed that
of the Corvallis CBC in 5 of the 20 years since this CBC began, and has
exceeded that of the Salem and Dallas CBCs in all years during the same
period. Of note were an Osprey, Turkey Vulture, and Say's Phoebe, as well
as high numbers for Hooded Merganser (102), Virginia Rail (19), Wild Turkey
(204), Black Phoebe (18), and Eurasian Collared Dove (299). Seven owl
species were found. The 15-mile diameter count circle includes Ankeny
refuge, E.E. Wilson Wildlife Area, and areas west of the Willamette River
from north Corvallis to almost Monmouth.

Missed species of note were Eurasian Wigeon, Northern Shrike, and
Long-billed Dowitcher. In addition, Western Meadowlark (1), Ring-necked
Pheasant (1), Savannah Sparrow (2) - all grassland-associated species - were
almost missed, and observations of Townsend's Warbler (3), Yellow-rumped
Warbler (65), and Dunlin (71) were atypically low.

The efforts of a few long-time participants deserve particular credit. Lisa
Millbank and Don Boucher hiked McDonald State Forest for a total of 5 hours
while owling before and after daylight, as well as bicycle-birding for 9
hours in between. At dusk, Paul Sullivan and Jeff Fleischer expertly
identified and tallied 6 species of gulls among the 700+ individuals flying
rapidly into a roost at Waverly Pond in Albany. Bob Hansen kayaked Thornton
Lake alone for 2 frigid foggy hours as the day began.

Please keep this CBC in mind next time, as we always welcome new
participants as well as our veterans!

Paul Adamus & Joel Geier (co-compilers)

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