Date: 1/2/18 5:45 pm
From: justin streit <000000260acb25c4-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Lake Mead updates
Chad Wilhite and I (and later Alexander Harper) had no luck locating the Yellow-billed Loon today, despite extensive searching at different times of the day.

The continuing White-winged Scoter and Iceland (Thayer's) Gull were at Boulder Beach.

The Yellow-bellied Sapsucker was seen at the Boulder Beach Campground this morning as well. And though we didn't see it, the Gaffey's reported that they had the continuing Downy Woodpecker at the campground before we arrived. Photos of the YBSA are available on our ebird checklist. Photos of the Thayer's and Scoter were poor and not included.

Justin Streit
Las Vegas, NV
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