Date: 1/2/18 5:11 pm
From: Rick Welton <rwwelton...>
Subject: [IN-BIRD-L] Gary Trumpeter Swan Rescued 1-2-18
Got a call from Humane Indiana Wildlife this morning about a non flying trumpeter. It's the same injured swan seen at Grant St Marsh, Gary in May, wing injury is the same. Lost sight of her till she reappeared mid December at GSM. Last seen there on 12-26. Last open water was on 12-25. She walked 4 miles to the point of rescue. This was not an easy catch. Using her wings, she can run much faster than this old man. After going east and west on the road, did same on 2 tracks. I only hurried when near. Otherwise let her walk to keep her calm. Finally coaxed her into the woods north of the tracks, where I wanted her. The thicket slowed her down. She is in safe hands now. I would like to thank Gary PD for their assistance.

Rick Welton
HomeLand Sports, LLC

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