Date: 1/2/18 3:47 pm
From: Bruni Haydl <bruni...>
Subject: Nice surprise
Coming home from Berryville I decided to check out Smith and Ward Clipp
Road.  Only saw the resident Kestrel as well as a Red-tailed Hawk
soaring over the field of corn stubble.  As I approached the bridge in
Kabletown I noticed a bird sitting on the wire parallel Gen. Andrews
Dr.    My first thought was another hawk but then I saw the thick neck
and the black eyes.  A beautiful Barred Owl.  I stopped the car and
watched him turning his head, most likely listening as well as looking. 
Amazing how an unexpected sighting can make you smile all the way home.

Around 2:00 my dog and I took advantage of the sun and balmy 20 degree
temps and walked to the Shenandoah.  Most of it was iced over with
swaths of open water.  About half of the river was open on the bend
where the falls are.  Some interesting footprints on the light snow
dusting on the ice.

This morning both male and female Pileated came for suet.  I'd gotten my
neighbor's still fresh Fraser Fir Christmas tree and tied it to the back
of the post that holds a suet cake.  It was really beautiful to see that
flashy bird with the tree as backdrop.

Bruni Haydl

Charles Town, WV
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