Date: 1/2/18 3:15 pm
From: David <daviddiller...> [south-bay-birds] <south-bay-birds-noreply...>
Subject: Re: [SBB] Los Altos and Charleston Forebay & Eurasian Teal status

At least the Eurasian Teal is still recognized as a full species by IOC, the authority for the rest of the world beyond territory governed by the AOU ( kinda like standard vs metric for the rest of the world) so in a way the bird only lost its legal status upon entering North America , but he doesn’t seem to be bothered by that , I’ve been watching him chasing a local lady Green-winged Teal with shameless gusto- but any possible offspring may lose any rights to be counted on a checklist , maybe even be deported :-)

David Diller

Mountain View

> On Jan 2, 2018, at 1:26 PM, Larry Spivak <larry8141...> [south-bay-birds] <south-bay-birds-noreply...> wrote:
> YES it DOES exist. The EVENING GROSBEAK was well seen at the corner of 2nd street and State Street in Los Altos at about 11:30 this morning - 1/2/2018 - along with some butterbutts, or better known as Audubon Warblers. Also seen in the forebay of Charleston Slough was the European version of the GREEN WINGED TEAL(No longer a species, just a subspecies. I wonder if the AOU told them that. I know I would feel bad if I was told I was not a species any more)
> Larry Spivak

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