Date: 1/2/18 12:50 pm
From: Mike Patterson <celata...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Christmas Bird Count interactions
As the former CBC regional editor for 26 years, I can think of only one
other time when things got far enough out of hand that the regional
editor was asked to intervene. I will not go into details...

And can talk about what I learned and what I told the primaries parties
in that incident.

First and foremost, National Audubon Society is pretty clear about their
inclusivity policy:

Second - the National Audubon Society does not play policeman nor do
regional editors. There is no mechanism for coming in and fixing these
things. I had no special authority, neither does Joel. It is a matter
for the local groups sponsoring the CBC itself and any gatherings before
and after the count. The local sponsoring group has every right to
invite or dis-invite as they deem appropriate from activities and more
specifically meeting venues. Being a member of the National Audubon
Society does not, in and of itself, bestow and special rights or
privileges to anything. This is all about home rule.

I have known Hendrik for a very long time and he is one of least
offensive Human Beings I know. He is one of only a handful of birders
my wife recognizes and knows by name, which says a lot about the
impression he left with her.

We sometimes wrongly assume that all birders are like-minded, but if
that were true we wouldn't need a BOO. He's hoping we will all continue
to stand up for one another and against those who can fail to see
the human beings, because they've been blinded fear and intolerance.

Mike Patterson
Astoria, OR
That question...
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