Date: 1/2/18 12:18 pm
From: L Fandrei <in-bird-l...>
Subject: [IN-BIRD-L] Partial Indiana portion Calcity-Sandridge CBC
On December 30, Gail Beauchamp, Nancy Machnikowski, Barb Schilling and I worked our Indiana portion of the Cal City-Sandridge CBC.  Weather of course was not helpful at 7 degrees and gusting winds.  We walked part of Gibson Woods, part of Seidner Dune and Swale, drove through Roxana Neighborhood, attempted to look down the Canals, but no place to park due to snow drifts.  We then headed out to Jerose Park and the E Chicago Marina area and ended up at the Oxbow-Little Cal area.  We had only 35 species total. Lists below:
Gibson Woods Feeder Station5 American Goldfinch18 Red-winged Blackbirds6 Black-capped Chickadee5 Blue Jay3 House Finch1 Mourning Dove8 N Cardinal1 White-breasted Nuthatch11 American Tree Sparrow11 Dark-eyed Junco1 Fox Sparrow1 Swamp Sparrow2 White-crowned Sparrow3 Downy Woodpecker1 Red-bellied Woodpecker9 European Starling57 House Sparrow
Gibson Woods Partial Trail1 Red-shouldered Hawk3 A Goldfinch1 Black-capped Chickadee2 Blue Jay2 White-breasted Nuthatch6 American Tree Sparrow2 Dark-eyed Junco1 Song Sparrow1 Downy Woodpecker
Seidner Dune and Swale Area5 American Tree Sparrow2 Gadwall2 Mallard
Roxana Marsh Area22 Gadwall172 Canada Geese1 Pied-billed Grebe1 Black-crowned Night Heron48 Mallard2 Common Merganser13 Hooded Merganser27 Redhead2 Mute Swan1 Belted Kingfisher2 Northern Cardinal1 Dark-eyed Junco
Jerose Park and East Chicago Marina Area (road to Mittal Steel)(We counted what we could.  Many waterfowl were too far to tell species, so they were not counted)6 Common Merganser60 Redhead (very conservative count)192 Scaup species. (countable as scaup)20 Common Goldeneye
Oxbow/Little Calumet River --nothing
Loyce FandreiHighland

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