Date: 1/2/18 11:55 am
From: Gary Rosenberg <ghrosenberg...>
Subject: [AZNMbirds] Sinaloa Wren History in Arizona
Hi all,

For those of you who were wondering about the status of Sinaloa Wren in Arizona, here is a synopsis as published in the last Arizona Bird Committee Report (which covered 2010-2014 records).

Since the first two Arizona (and United States) records of the Sinaloa Wren in 2008 and 2009 (Brown and Baxter 2009, Rosenberg et al. 2011), two additional records have been accepted. One was again found in Huachuca Canyon, COS, 2 Sep 2013–18 May 2014 (ph. CMe, ASc, TP, DB, s.r. JWo, s.r. JCu, ph. RMo, ph. DBl), and again 12 Sep 2014–3 May 2015 (many observers), at the exact location of Arizona’s second record and the first of nesting. Another Sinaloa Wren was along the Santa Cruz R. near Tubac, SCR, 11 Sep 2013–21 Apr 2014 (s.r. DJS; ph. GHR, JRp) and again 12 Sep 2014–23 May 2015 (many observers). Both of these individuals disappeared and were subsequently relocated after an absence of as much as several months, suggesting that the Huachuca Canyon records may have involved the same individual lingering for multiple years.

The individual that was discovered along the Anza Trail in Tubac was about 4-4.5 km from the current individual that was located s. of Santa Gertudis Lane. It appears that the last sighting of the Tubac bird was in May of 2015.

This brings up the question “Is the current Santa Gertrudis Lane bird the same as the Tubac bird” - even though it was not seen for two and a half years??? Clearly the history of the Huachuca Canyon bird (s) is complicated, with long absences, only to be located at the exact location again! This seemed to be happening with the Tubac bird as well - and it wouldn’t shock me that the current Anza Trail bird is the same individual as the Tubac bird - there is a lot of habitat along the Santa Cruz River, and birders tend to cover the same stretches of the Anza Trail. Where it goes during the summer is anyone’s guess, but I think we should at least consider the possibility that this individual is relatively long living, and has wintered somewhere along the Santa Cruz River in the Tubac area since at least 2013!

Great bird nonetheless!

Happy New Year,


Gary H. Rosenberg
Tucson, AZ

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